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Our Services

Below you will find a list of services that the Norton Jones Group has to offer...

Deep Cleaning

Norton Jones provide a wide range of Deep cleaning options to suit all needs Including large teams that work tirelessly through the night to complete as many tasks as possible in your quietest periods.
We work with our clients to make tailored checklists and set out designated tasks for our staff to work to. We provide closing site walks to ensure our clients are fully happy with our work and all ‘snags’ are completed before we leave.
Our deep cleaning services do not just include the labour our fully trained staff but include our Nationwide, food safe chemicals and all equipment we would need to complete the works.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam is becoming a more and more popular choice for deep cleaning and sanitizing areas due to its antibacterial abilities combined with its chemical free and green way of working it is both efficient and powerful. Norton Jones Steam cleaners are the newest available in the UK and offer our clients a new way to quickly and effectively sanitise areas of their premises.

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Jet Washing & Pressure Washing

We provide a vast array of services in this area and work on a variety of different surfaces to give them a new lease of life; brick, glass, concrete, stone etc. We have fully trained teams that can work in all conditions and environments. A full jet wash service to your property or the external surroundings can be the ultimate solution to maintaining your premises.

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Floor Cleaning/ Polishing

Norton Jones have a variety of methods that can aid nearly all floor types- from deep cleaning and stripping to maintenance and high shine polish. We have a range of equipment depending on the floor type and the desired result. We also offer a range of stain removal or emergency cleaning solutions for your floors.
Should it be carpet cleaning that you require we have the most up to date carpet cleaning equipment with excellent stain removal results and quick drying times.

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